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Yes, we are FREE expert help and advice for the Washington Healthplan Finder! 

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Welcome to our page.  We are certified and experienced health insurance brokers who are available at no cost to you if you want to use the Washington State Health Benefits Exchange. 


We took our more than 20 years of experience in this field and have been assisting the State of Washington community since the inception of the Affordable Care Act on Washington's Healthplan Finder website. 

We are approved and certified partners in the state's mission to reduce the number of the uninsured in our beautiful state of Washington. 

We understand that choosing a health insurance policy involves two important things: your money and your health. With the rising cost of health insurance, we ask the questions that makes a difference in HOW to choose your health policy. 

We are not state paid Navigators and we are not paid by the Washington Healthplan Finder for our expertise. 


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In case you don't know how this Free Help works, we'll tell you. 


The Healthplan Finder is the Washington Exchange for Individual and Family plans. There are navigators and insurance brokers who get certified to help you do your application on the Exchange.  However, Navigators can only do so much for you by law. 


Insurance brokers are licensed and certified to help guide you to the best plan for the right price and offer advice on how the plans work.  Once you have an insurance broker assigned to your application, you call us instead of having to call the Healthplan Finder customer service.  We are advocates for your health care.  


We have a team of experts who can help you navigate all the health plans offered on the Exchange.  We know the market and we know provider and hospital health systems because we live where we work. 

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